Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Modified Atkins Diet for Seizures - New Forum

We've added a forum to our website.

For years we have followed the forum on the Yahoo Groups page that was titled "Atkins4Seizures". The moderator has now "frozen" that forum, as he is moving on to other projects. The forum can still be read - and there are over 25,000 posts! - however there can no longer be any new posting.

To help fill the void, we've added a forum to our website here:


Sunday, December 30, 2007

New Atkins for Seizures Website

Please see the new site to compliment Atkins for Seizures main website.

This is a Lens on Squidoo and can be found Here

This site is more interactive, allowing for easy sharing of recipes and experiences. It also addresses some questions that I've received from my ebook. Please take a look!



Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My New Book is Finished!

I am so excited to announce my book is complete and available for download on my website!

Read about "Atkins For Seizures", the book, here:


Saturday, December 23, 2006

New Articles, Stories, ect

Thank you for all the positive feedback everyone is sending!

I've added a couple articles on music and seizures to the articles' section (see link above). Also, a family contributed their story from Norway. You can read it here: Personal Story on Diet.

I am gradually removing all the old 'bravenet' mailing list links from the subfiles, and we've had about 50% of the old mailing list resubscribe so far. Great progress, and I appreciate everyone's cooperation. Hopefully we are getting more delivered mail and fewer 'spam' captures.


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Atkins Site Overhaul

The website has been long overdue for an update! The overhaul has begun. Here are some of the changes already made:

1) New list server for the Newsletter/mailing list - requires that everyone REJOIN the list as of December 8th, 2006. Too many people not getting the recipes and updates.

2) Advertising moved to the side and bottom of most pages. The hosting and aministration of the site is entirely paid for by these ads - plus they bring content to the site that hopefully is of benefit to some of our visitors. However, having them 'floating' in the text is a little distracting.

3) The new keto book, co-written by Dr. Kossoff is featured through out the site. Excellent resourse! Click on the link on this page - and read the reviews on Amazon.

4) A third study written by Dr. Kossoff regarding the effectiveness of the Atkins Diet for Epilepsy has been posted in the "Johns Hopkins Studies" page.

5) A couple of the broken links, and 'under construction' pages have been either eliminated or completed.



Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Publicity for Atkins for Seizures

Dr. Kossoff made a presentation this past weekend, releasing the results officially of the study that Brooklyn participated in. From what I understand, he used a power point presentation and even gave a couple screen shots of our website! (Atkins For Seizures) Wow - we are flattered.

It is my dream/hope that children with epilespy all over the world will have the atkins diet as an alternative approach to controlling their seizures.

If you do a little google search - you will find all kinds of articles on the presentation. Here are a few I've read:


(Another Article)

(Yet Another)

(And Another)


(Can you Believe It?)

(We are Famous!)

(Getting the Idea?)


(One More)


Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Mercury Poisoning

Yesterday's visit to our Biofeedback/Homeopath was interesting! We've been focusing the past six weeks on an homeopathic approach to removing the mercury from Brooklyn (versus the traditional chelation approach). She tested 'positive' for mercury on our last visit - on this visit she continues to.

We never would have suspected mercury, had we not stumbled on the Generation Rescue website. Of course, this may not be the solution for Brooklyn's epilepsy - but we have learned the following:

Brooklyn has higher than acceptable levels of mercury in her body
Mercury can cause neurological disorders
The Mercury can be removed

So we can be hopeful right?

The Atkins for Seizures Diet has been a huge blessing for us. We are medicine free and have better seizure control than we ever had with Lamictal, Depakote, Zarontin, etc. But we continue to search for the 'cure'....


Saturday, October 29, 2005

New Blog - Refocus on Atkins!

Okay, Okay, it is time to get back on topic! If you've followed this blog since the begining - you know it was the drawing board to help develop the website: Atkins for Seizures One of the real concerns at the outset was how to support the site financially. As a result, there have been posts here regarding 'work from home', 'adsense', etc.

However, this site seems to be getting just as much traffic or more than the actual Atkins for Seizures site - so I feel it is time to focus in fairness to my audience.

To cover the financial side of things, I've created a new blog: "Honest Work from Home"

This will allow me to sharpen the focus of this blog to how we can help our children through the Atkins for Seizures protocol. Please visit, bookmark and link to these blogs - every little bit helps with the search engine rankings! This in turn makes it easier for the next family to find Atkins for Seizures


Blog Comments; Adsense; and Traffic

If you have a blog, you've no doubt noticed all these 'comments' appearing. They something generic like "I saw your site. It's cool. Check out mine".

While it would be nice to think these people ACTUALLY came to your blog, in reality, there are some software programs out there that post these automatically to tens or even hundreds of blogs. Why you may ask? Simple. All these comments include a link back to the commenter's site. Search engines then spider their sites, see all the links from external sites and grant them a higher ranking.

One of the biggest advantages of more traffic to your site - especially if its a blog - is the increased opportunity to earn money from Google Adsense. If you own website, you might consider hosting some adsense. A little daily revenue from click throughs doesn't hurt anybody!

Naturally, many of these 'comments' point to sites heavy in Adsense. Some of them provide tips on how to increase your adsense revenue. Most are niche sites that contain content designed to attrack higher paying Google Asense keywords.

There is nothing bad or offensive about these ads from my point of view. After all, visitors to a subject specific site will find ads about that the same subject - possibly adding to the content the website host has provided.

Friday, October 07, 2005

My Friend an Author!

"Who Else is You" is a book about Identity Theft. A book written by my good friend Cindy Graham. I realize this has nothing to do with Epilepsy - but it has everything to do with our life. All my life I've dreamed of writing a book. From the moment Cindy made the decision until she had the book in print - it was less than six months!

The inspiration this has provided me is incredible. It just goes to show you that you really can do whatever you set your mind to do!

Check out her book on Amazon:

See it here on Amazon!


Friday, September 30, 2005

New Section of Website

I have had a considerable amount of interest in our 'work from home' comments that we put on the website. I don't want to distract from the nature of Atkins For Seizures - but to help answer the questions I've been getting I've set up a new thread of pages on the site.

You won't find these in the menu - as the primary focus of the site is helping epileptic families, however, when I do mention Our Story - I've linked to the the added information. I hope this information further helps families.

The new webpages are titled:

As always - comments are welcome!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Adsense Income

Have you heard about Google's adsense program? It is a great concept for both website administrators and advertisers. I'm sure you've noticed the 'ads from google' on the internet everywhere (I have them just to the right here & also my site Atkins for Seizures).

Here is how it works: Google places paid ads on my site. The google spiders actually read my website, figure out which ads would be similar in content, and places the ads on the page. The result is increased content for the visitor, exposure for the advertiser, and income for the website everytime someone clicks on an ad!

If you have a website - you should consider getting an adsense account. Visit here to learn more.

The reports that google provides gives you information such as: number of impressions, number of clicks, and how much they pay for the click. For example, I can see at a glance that over the past 90 days, I've averaged 51 cents per click on the adsense 'google ads'. The fact that people click on them is proof that the google technology of providing relevant ads really works.